What Zac Efron chose to eat after Baywatch wrapped will speak to your soul

He dieted so hard he got "pregnancy cravings".

By Mel Evans
Zac Efron, Baywatch, dieting

The Adonis that is Zac Efron, the holy wonder man we’d all like to have our children, was in town last week to spruik his upcoming flick, Baywatch. Or as we like to call it, Baewatch.

(Because no one’s made that joke yet…)

And if you know the gist of the '80s TV show this movie is the remake of, you'll remember it involves a lot of running along the sand in little to nothing. As the wise New Zealand wordsmith, Scribe says of the clothing in the movie: not many, if any.

See Fig.1:

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We caught up with Zefron on his recent trip to Sydney, and despite dem abs and that face, it turns out being around him on set may not have been the total joy you'd imagine. In fact, he was kind of a d-bag.

"We wanted intelligent women and the women are portrayed as incredibly strong - and I do everything in my power to release my douchebag," he recalled of filming the movie. "That’s a weird sentence...But I did everything that an A-hole could possibly do, and [then] have him grow and learn from these people at Baywatch."

Forgiven already tbh.

And even though Zac had made lists such as 'hottest guy', 'hottest dude,' 'hottest human,' etc etc both in real life and in our dreams, he too felt the pressure to look his best-washboard-abs-self – especially as he was playing an Olympian – so he put himself on a strict no-carb diet.

It's really the stuff of nightmares... The stuff of Zac’s nightmares.

“The cravings you get when you’re really dieting are insane,” he told us. “I hear it’s compared to pregnancy cravings. I think I lost my mind dieting!"

When we think of cutting carbs we want to cry. Because if there's one thing yummier than Zac Efron, it's carbohydrates.

Luckily, homeboy came to his senses as soon as he landed in LA from the set in Miami, telling us he went straight to In n Out. Could he be human after all?

Baywatch is in cinemas June 1, catch the full chat with Zac in Cosmo’s July issue, on stands June 5.