Zac Efron dressed as a woman in the Baywatch trailer is the LOL you need today

ZOMG (that stands for Zac, oh my god).

By Erin Van Der Meer

It feels like we’ve been hanging out to see the Baywatch movie for about 45 years, but according to the teaser just released, it’s going to be worth the wait.

In the full trailer out today, there’s a lot of scenes we’ve already seen in other previews, but there’s something new you do not want to miss: Zac Efron in drag.

In what looks like a ~hilarious~ part of the plot, Zac and Dwayne Johnson go under cover. While The Rock goes for a chef’s outfit, Zac opted to be a woman!

It has to be seen to be believed – jump to the 1.50 mark above. Can't be bothered? Check this out:

The film is based on the iconic '90s TV drama starring Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, and it seems the movie adaptation is going to be on the same level of awesomeness, if not, even better.

The Rock is lead lifeguard of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards, and needs to drum up publicity to help save his team from city budget cuts … and that’s where hard-partying athlete Matt Brody (Zac) comes in to save the day with his crazy antics. And his hot abs. And his even hotter butt.

Baywatch hits Australian cinemas on May 11.