Dude looks like a lady

As it happens, Zac Efron makes for a pretty convincingly hot teenage girl.

Zac Efron is amazing. We kind of knew it already, but we were 110% sure of it after Rita Ora tore his shirt off at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, revealing his Ken Doll-like, sculpted to perfection bod.

Now, if it’s humanly possible, we’re 150% to 200% even more sure of his amazingness. He dressed up like a teenage girl to perform in a skit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and did a pretty ace job of it. We suspect he brushed up on his Ja’mie mannerisms beforehand…

Alongside Zac was host Jimmy, eyelids washed in pink eye-shadow, and his Bad Neighbours co-star Seth Rogen, in a very disturbing wig. The three were part of a fictional TV show Jimmy created for the channel ‘Teen Nick’ – appropriately titled Ew!

Prepare for LOLs:

Zac’s not the only babe who dared to dress in drag. Here’s our other fave guys looking damn fine in a dress:

Zayn Malik from One Direction

All the 1D boys dressed up for their Best Song Ever music video. Liam was a gay dance instructor, Harry was a super nerd, but Zayn seems to have drawn the short straw – he played a sexy secretary (albeit a great one).

Andrew Garfield

Emma’s other half, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 co-star, Andrew Garfield recently filmed a video for Arcade Fire’s track We Exist. So far, the band has only revealed a 20-second teaser trailer, but it seems to have been the reason for his freshly shaved head. The band is actively in support of gay rights, and Andrew’s turn in drag seems to address the issue (so keep an eye out for the full video’s release).

Jared Leto

His Oscar winning role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club, a drug addict and HIV-positive trans woman, blew us away. As a close friend of photographer Terry Richardson, Jared has dressed in drag a number of times to pose for his pal too.

Channing Tatum

Before Zac and Seth featured on ‘Ew!’, mega babe Channing Tatum got his floral on. We’re really enjoying that shade of lippie on him.

James Franco

King of doing weird stuff, James donned drag for the cover of Candy, a magazine dedicated to celebrating transvestism. He kinda looks like Joan Collins in Dynasty, if that was the vibe he was going for…

Luke Worrall

Kelly Osbourne’s ex also starred on the cover of Candy. Yep, that’s a man!