REJOICE! Zac Efron will go full frontal

Free the peen!

By Natasha Harding

If you’re already in countdown mode for the release of Baewatch** Baywatch in May next year (check), and only went to see Bad Neighbours 2 ‘cause you heard Zac Efron was going to be topless (double check), then hold on to you undies as just Zac’s confirmed that your perviest fantasy could become reality.

In an interview with Elle, Zac openly said he’s not against full-frontal nudity. We repeat, ZAC EFRON CONFIRMS HE WILL GO NEKKID.

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“Let’s just say I’m not opposed to anything,” Zac told Elle. But there is one SUPER important condition to all your dreams coming true: he’s not just going to whip out his wang for any random film.

“If you’re gonna pull your d—k out, it better be for an Academy Award-winning movie,” he explains. LOL.

As if he’s not enough of a babe already, his casuuual approach to the whole thing makes us love him even more - y’know, if that’s possible.

He went on to talk about his body-inspo idol, Matthew McConaughey (who’d have guessed it?). “He’s maintained [his ripped bod] his whole career," Zac continues. "I’m driven. I want to attack life. I want to do a triathlon.”

And we 100% support you in ALL that you do, babe.

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While there are no plans in the works for seeing Zac in the nud yet, we’ve already started brainstorming.

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