The first pics of Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift’s ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ music video are finally here

They literally made it rain.

By Natasha Harding
Zayn Malik and Taylor Swift

With 50 Shades Darker set to steam up movie screens around the world in just over a month, we are well and truly in countdown mode over at Cosmo HQ.

Aside from looking forward to more TDF footage of Jamie Dornan shirtless (hey, we’re only human), we’re also hella excited for Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik’s music video for ‘I don’t wanna live forever’.

Now the first behind-the-scenes pics are FINALLY here and holy moley it looks goooood.

Fans watching the filming at London’s St Pancras station posted pics of the ~SmOkEy~ set and we are in for a right treat.

So far there are pics of Zayn looking like a total BABE as he walks towards his badass car in a shittonne of fake rain and it’s all your wildest (read: wettest) dreams come true…

Aware that all eyes were fixated on him, Z gave a wave to his adoring fans like true muso-royalty.

But despite T-Swizzle’s manager and crew also being on-set, Tay was nowhere to be seen – causing a little bit of disappointment for Swifties…

Some even yelled out ‘where’s Taylor?!’ on set and our hearts go out to them.

In other news, Gigi Hadid was also snapped in London at the same time, prompting rumours that she might also star in the music vid with her boyf and bff.

As for us? We think Gigi and Tay probs took some timeout from filming for some much needed gal-time ‘cause #priorities.