Zayn Malik wore cornrows and the Twittersphere is *not* happy


At first glance, cornrows seem like a cool hairstyle. However, in reality, cornrows are much more than that. The hairstyle originated in Africa and is predominantly worn by black men and women. Meaning, to rip off the style, without acknowledging its origins, is cultural appropriation.

As Zayn Malik discovered recently, wearing cornrows as a fashion accessory is not cool.

The 24-year-old posted appeared in this photograph, posted to girlfriend Gigi Hadid's Instagram story.

Being in the public eye, Zayn should know better. In the past, celebrities including Kylie Jenner and Vanessa Hudgens have been accused of cultural appropriation after wearing braids.

It's safe to say, the former One Direction band member is now aware that he has caused offence. Twitter's reaction was swift and mighty.

Although, it's worth noting that some fans dismissed the controversy, saying that he was wearing French braids.