Zoë Foster Blake just shared another adorable photo of baby Rudy, and our hearts can't handle it

This is the sweetest.

By Jessica Chandra
Zoe Foster Blake

Zoë Foster Blake has officially left hospital with her sweet baby girl, Rudy Hazel Blake! And to mark the occasion, Zoë shared the cutest mother-and-daughter portrait on her Instagram account.


“Just made a very intense eye-to-eye pact that she definitely won't do any of the shit I did when I was a teenage girl. Phew! Glad that's sorted,” Zoë captioned the photo.

The beauty guru, founder of Go-To Skincare, author and now-designer of insanely cute clothes seems pumped that she gets to raise a smart young girl.

“Maybe it's cos I just finished The Handmaid's Tale, or I'm feeling the privilege and responsibility entrusted to me to raise a self-assured, wholehearted woman, or maybe it's just a spectacular lack of sleep, but the fact that my girlfriends have all given me adorably, pointedly feminist gifts for Rudy warms me to my milky, sloppy core,” she wrote on Instagram. “Yknow, it's funny, I don't recall getting anything like this when I had a boy...”

But about that first boy, everyone’s favourite toddler, Sonny Donald Blake. When Zoë was leaving the hospital, she posted a picture of Sonny helping carry Rudy’s capsule as they were on their way out, which is the first photo of Sonny and Rudy together.

We can already tell he’s going to be the best big brother.

Zoë and her hubby, Hamish Blake, welcomed Rudy to the world on July 17.

Zoë announced she was pregnant with Rudy on the same day Beyoncé revealed she was expecting twins, and in typical, hilarious ZFB style, she copied Bey’s announcement and poked fun at herself at the same time.

But seriously, with Zoë as a mother, Rudy will have an awesome role model to ask for advice for all the ~important things~, like beauty and dating — Zoë used to be the beauty editor at Cosmo, and wrote a dating guide book with Hamish called Textbook Romance.