These Zoë Foster Blake throwback photos prove Sonny is 1,000% her mini-me

This is so cute!

By Jessica Chandra
Zoe Foster Blake and Sonny Blake

Zoë Foster Blake, the ever-delightful Aussie star who does pretty much everything under the sun, shared some glorious throwback photos of herself over the weekend.

After ~studying~ these photos, we have come to the conclusion that her three-year-old son, Sonny Donald Blake, definitely takes after her, maybe more than his dad, Hamish Blake.

Seriously — look at this!

Is this not Sonny with blonde pigtails?!

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The cheeks! The grin! The eyes! We’re definitely seeing double.

But that’s not all. The evolution of Zoë continued on her Instagram Story with two more school photos.

Zoë reminded everyone that a curly fringe is hard to pull off, even when you’re adorable and don’t realise you’re going to be a beauty editor when you grow up.

And in the final shot, she revealed that teenage Zoë liked wearing crystal fish necklaces, and rocked some pretty good “homemade balayage.”

These photos may have also given us a glimpse of what Zoë and Hamish’s newborn daughter, Rudy Hazel Blake, may look like as she grows up.

Rudy arrived into the world on July 17, and was introduced via her parents’ social media accounts, with cute photos and witty captions.

Since then, Zoë has gushed about her excitement at raising a feisty young feminist.

With Zoë as a mum, Rudy will hopefully be spared from major beauty fails as she grows up.

But then again, that’s part of growing up.