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Bra brands that are actually good for big boobs

Because, world, the alphabet doesn’t stop at C.

By Katie Stow
bras for big boobs

Our tiny titty friends see our big boobs as a blessing, but honestly, when we’re bra shopping, we could not hate them more. And that isn’t because our boobs are bad — god no, they are magical pillows of squishy oomph — but because it is so bloody hard to find a good bra.

So, to assist in your hunt for the perfect over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, we have found six brands that actually do decent bras in big ol’ cup sizes. Tried and tested (and available in Australia), hopefully these will save you from the dire ‘bra shop panic’ that tricks you into thinking that the alphabet ends on C…


Beija know full well that ‘one size fits all’ is utter bullshit. They have responded to this by making unique sizing categories, with different shaped cups, to give big-boobied gals the support they need.

We recommend the blue Caught Up Z Bra and the pink Buff Z Bra in Apricot for a halter neck bra that won’t slice into the back of your neck after five minutes.


For, great, comfortable, everyday bras that don’t look like they belong to your grandma, head on over to Lively. Most of their designs are wire-free so you don’t get that nasty rib dig in and you won’t set off the metal-detector alarms at the airport — win!

We recommend The Busty Bralette in both jet black and soft pink for double whammy under-t-shirt solutions.

la fille d'O

This French brand, to put it simply, is just really fucking cool. They use real girls in their shoots, not models, they don’t photoshop anyone, they are all about keeping your pits and bush au naturel and rocking this FIT underwear with supreme sass.

There are a multitude of options for busty gals — from statement pieces to comfy AF everyday bras. One of our faves though is the Wood Veil monowired bra, because it is sexy, simple AND doubles up as a bikini, which means we can smash out bra and swimmers shopping all in one go!

While they do ship to Australia, if you want to try them on first, a great lingerie boutique in Sydney does stock some of the collection. Hit up babylikestopony for a trying on sesh.


This award-winning brand makes all their bras in up to a H Cup, and at the very worse, they go up to a K Cup — so they are well versed in big boob needs.

For a sexy (but still supportive) bra we recommend the Ruby or the Etta designs from their ‘Panache Black’ range.

Curvy Kate

Looking for something sexy and strappy, but always disappointed with the brands that claim to do kinky for all sizes and then stop at a D Cup? Luckily, there is a solution. Curvy Kate does not hold back when it comes to upping the sexiness whilst keeping that much needed support in place.

Our recommendations include the Scantilly Voodoo Bra and the Scantilly Peek A Boo Balcony Bra.


Chantelle’s DD+ range is extensive — which is bloody great as so often there will just be one or two bras in the collection that go up to properly large sizes and, sods law will have it, that the one you want won’t go up to your cup.

Our fave basics from Chantelle are the Molitor Spacer Scarf Bra in black and the Opera Half-Cup Bra in milk.

Chantelle is an international brand, but they sell their bras through a bunch of online stores (such as Brava Lingerie) and in David Jones.