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10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Because sometimes you need a reminder that you are B-E-A-UTIFUL.

By Katie Stow
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We all know the personal battles we go through whilst looking in the mirror. We squidge one part, pull at another and then attempt to cover up the bits and bobs that we aren’t happy about.

But why do we feel the need to be so tough on ourselves?!

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Complaining to yourself that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not whatever enough is counterproductive and can leave you feeling blue and, ultimately, unworthy.


Try taking a leaf out of these ladies' books and inject some self-love into your life — or, at the very least, take a compliment or two from these body positive babes, because they are incredibly good at dishing out brill advice and staaaph-I’m-blushing compliments that will have the good vibes flowing free.


Jasmine Grimes is a curvy influencer, body positive story teller. She is sassy and unashamedly brass. We love her.


Megan Jayne Crabbe is an anorexia conqueror, feminist and author. She posts beaut candid pics of herself and the women she admires. She also likes to dance in her pants, which we whole-heartedly endorse.


Pink Bits is run by an artist who loves to illustrate all the bits and shapes “we’re told to hide.” She takes commissions from people wanting a portrait and she sketches ladies that rock her world. She is also hella frank about periods, shaving and masturbating — which we love!


Meghan is an anti-diet dietician and a recovery warrior. She is unfiltered, honest and loves boosting other women’s egos. What a champ.


Imogen describes her Instagram account as “a disabled woman’s journey through weightloss, eating disorders and into self love, self acceptance and body positivity.”


The world famous model, Ashley Graham, has been a pro-body positivity advocate from day one. She oozes confidence and isn’t afraid of her wobbly bits. She fiercely inspires us!


Mama Cāx is a Haitan-American fashion blogger who also happens to be missing a leg. She is effortlessly chic and wears her prosthetic limb with pride.


Bits and Bods reigns supreme when it comes to starting conversations about puberty, sex and all the awkward bits in between. It is run by super informative and hilarious people who welcome questions from all.


Ruby Allegra is an empowered, colourful lady who could put Kylie Jenner out of a job with her eye shadow skillz. She is also in a wheelchair and has lipoedema, leaving her legs sore and swollen. But, nevertheless, she smiles her way through life and posts incredibly honest pics about life in a wheelchair.


Rupi Kaur is a writer and spoken word performer who pens beautiful nuggets of advice for her readers. She doesn’t beat around the bush, but she does have an eloquent way to tell you the things you need to hear.

We commend all of these women for putting their bodies and thoughts out into the world to try and make it a more positive place. Get following ASAP to boost your everyday happiness.