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Instagram star claps back at nasty troll who said her husband was too hot for her

The hater couldn't believe ~she~ landed such a dreamy husband.

This is Jenna Kutcher; a 29-year-old wedding photographer, podcast host, body positive advocate and general babe.

This is 31-year-old health coach Drew Kutcher; he has a great smile and killer body.

Jenna and Drew are in love.

But, as Jenna recently told her 333k Instagram followers, one idiot somehow couldn't process how these two wonderful people got together and sent her a private message questioning her relationship while throwing shade at her body.

"Someone once slid into my DMs and told me they couldn't believe I had managed to land a guy as good looking as @kickingitwithkutch. I'll be honest that I was taken aback," she wrote under a picture of her and Drew kissing in their swimmers on March 15.

Jenna went on to pinpoint why the message got under her skin:

But, not getting bogged down by the sad hater's remarks, Jenna knows that no matter the size of her body, she is fully deserving of love:

More than 85,000 people so far have double-tapped that post (including this writer).

Drew also had his wife's back and posted a sweet message about the vows they made on their wedding day.

All together now: nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!