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Iskra Lawrence SLAYED on the SAG Awards red carpet with this insane slit dress

Look out Angelina Jolie…

By Katie Stow

When it comes to award season, we're all about the red carpet. Whether it's brave women donning all black for the Golden Globes or picking out daring dresses for the Grammys, we are HERE FOR IT. But our fave red carpet moment of 2018 so far? Well that crown belongs on kweeen Iskra Lawrence's head.

She's an Instagram mogul, body positive ambassador and all round beautiful legend. With over 3.9 million followers she literally holds the world in the palm of her phone-clutching hand, and her massive following clearly landed her a coveted spot on this year's SAG Awards red carpet.

And while we were chuffed to see her, we were not mentally prepared for the HOTNESS that she brought to the awards! Iskra slipped into a one-shouldered black dress with a side split that even Angelina Jolie would be jealous of. Just take a look see…

And, yes, you did read that right — she is naming and definitely not shaming her cellulite, saying "Cell-u-LIT up the red carpet last night."

Iskra has always been candid about her body — at whatever size — and is a powerful inspiration to young girls who find her in their feed. That's why we're so chuffed to see champs like this rocking the red carpet and representing body positivity in the best kind of way: chock-a-block with confidence and big ass grins.

Here are some of our favourite iskra Insta posts:

She also ended the night with a trip to an In 'N' Out burger joint, still in her phenom dress, so we're pretty sure that means she's progressed to 'complete legend' status.