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Alycia from ‘Married At First Sight’ just shared her weight loss before and after photos and HOT DAMN

This bride really made a massive change.

By Katie Stow

If you're as invested as us in Married At First Sight Australia, you'll already be following the brides and grooms on Instagram and will have seen this — but if by some rogue chance you haven't, you HAVE to see this shocking MAFS transformation!

Lovely bride Alycia was paired up with Mat (the groom that lost his trousers on his wedding day) and while we had high hopes for them as a married couple, things all turned to shit when Mat became paranoid that he wasn't Alycia's "Prince Charming" and he called it quits.

Their breakup was hard to watch, but TBH we were more gutted that Alycia wouldn't be grinning on our screens anymore. Luckily we still have her on Instagram, so we're getting little snippets of her life here and there — but Alycia got reeeeal candid about something incredibly personal to her.

Alycia mentioned in the show that she had gone through a bit of a weight loss journey, but she didn't dive into it too deeply, so we didn't think too much about it. But HOT DAMN she posted her own before and after shots on Instagram last night and we are ~shook~.

Alycia captioned the photo with this:

We are honestly so chuffed for Alycia that she is feeling so great about her body, and that she has all this happiness to cling on to after such a public breakup with her TV husband.

In other cute Alycia-based news, she also took to Instagram to share some other insights into her life, explaining that people had contacted her directly about how bummed they were that they didn't get to know her more on MAFS, so she decided to give us all a little '20 things to know about Alycia':

  1. I was born on 27th Sep in Paddington, Sydney
  2. I absolutely love heights & all height based activities e.g. bungee jumping, skydiving & parasailing
  3. I went to a performing arts high school for singing
  4. I have a rather odd fear of balloons (known as globophobia)
  5. I did karate training for 12 years
  6. I have a thing for turbocharged sports cars & love driving
  7. As a little girl I would beg my Mum to take me to the library so I could borrow space books
  8. I am a qualified Fitness Instructor
  9. I have always felt my very best by the sea
  10. If I could have any job in the world it would be a music video director
  11. I adore all things Japanese
  12. I was School Captain in Year 12
  13. I'll always love love!
  14. I named my dog Gogo after a character in the movie Kill Bill
  15. I have always wanted to get my motorbike license
  16. Alternative music is my favourite
  17. My girl crush is Miranda Kerr
  18. I said goodbye to alcohol forever the day after my 28th birthday
  19. I grew up with strong European culture, my Mum is Italian/Spanish
  20. My parents chose my middle name Felicity, meaning happiness, as I wouldn't stop smiling & laughing as a baby (not much has changed!)

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