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‘Married At First Sight’ babe Sarah shows off her massive 8kg weight loss!

We normally binge eat ice cream after a breakup. Have we been doing it wrong?

By Katie Stow

Married At First Sight may be over, and we're now deep in Bachelor in Paradise drama, but it seems that the MAFS brides and grooms can't help but continue to shock us well after the show has wrapped. So far we've had to deal with post-TV breakups from literally the whole set of OG matched couples on the show (RIP John and Melissa's love), and we're now trying to avoid seeing pictures of Carly and Troy snogging every time we scroll through our news feeds.

Spoiler alert: That's hard to do. They post a snog-snap every 3.4 seconds.

But our post-MAFS attention has now been turned on Sarah Roza — who was originally matched with Telv. (This groom may or may not have been caught out sniffing a white powder off a stripper's arse.) Sarah and Telv have now split up, and took to Instagram to share with their fans that things didn't work out in the real world and they are now both single pringles once again.

And while that's somewhat devastating as Sarah and Telv were a crowd favourite couple, it seems that single life is looking hella good on this ex-wife!

Sarah shared a snap on Instagram of her hanging out with fitness model Tammy Hembrow and fellow MAFS wifey, Tracey Jewel, and HOT DAMN Sarah is looking fit, fierce and super confident following her breakup.

Sarah responded to fans commenting on her 'gram asking how much weight she'd lost, saying, "About 8kgs darl." That's a pretty monumental drop since finishing up with filming Married At First Sight!

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Despite Sarah not needing to lose any weight at all, it's great to see her showing off her beautiful curves with more confidence. She even captioned another Instagram picture of her in her swimmers with, "Literally not even a single care in the world right now... and it feels so bloody good!"

Now watch Sarah and Telv's full love story on Married At First Sight, before it all went to shit: