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Bikini shop for your body shape like a BOSS

Sun's out, buns out.

Kendall Jenner beach bikini

There are two types of people in life: those who love bikini shopping and those who don't. And LBR, 99% of the time swimsuit shopping can leave us in the second squad.

But that's all about to change with our survival guide cos, when done right (fake tan, tick; besties by your side, tick), bikini shopping can actually be fun and make you feel sexy af. We swear.

The trick is knowing your body type before you hit the changing rooms and not letting any TOTALLY imaginary hang-ups hold you back. Oh, and finding the fiercest bikini to help you slay at the beach, of course.

Find your swimwear soulmate RN.

Small boobs
If you're small up top, skip the underwiring and go straight for a triangle bikini. You can get away with skimpier styles that have less support so why the hell not? If you're looking to boost your boobs with a little ~magical~ trickery, look for a top that has ruffles or is white-rimmed - both help give the illusion of a bigger cup size. As does padding, natch. RIP small boobs.

Big boobs
If you have the TOTAL opposite problem and struggle to find swimwear that keeps your boobs in check, try a patterned bandeau bikini top that's underwired. You'll get all the support you need, without feeling like you're basically wearing a bra to the beach. Yas. Always shop for separates - that way you're not sacrificing support just cos you don't like the cut of the bottoms. Blake Lively is ALL about the mismatched bikini and always looks #flawless. Try Rip Curl Island Love D Cup Bikini Top, $59.99.

No booty
Not blessed with a Kardashian-Jenner booty? Don't sweat it. Look for ruched-back bikini bottoms, white-rimmed designs or anything girly and frilly. They'll all help you give the illusion of a curvier butt. Bust out the Brazilian cuts, too. Yep, the itsy bitsy bikini bottoms. Their skimpy cut is super flattering on smaller bums and helps you look all bootilicious. True story. Try Rip Curl Island Love Revo Skimpy Bikini Pant Bottom, $45.99 (pictured below).

Big booty
You got buns, hun? Tie bikini bottoms are your BFF. You can adjust them for fit without compromising on coverage. Genius. If you're not convinced they'll stand up against the surf (probs true) go for a hipster or high-waisted cut instead. Much flattering. Many compliments.

Go for bikini bottoms that have detailed or embellished sides. More look-at-me than a string bikini, we're talking cut-outs, metallic accents or different colours that highlight how smokin' your hips are. Athletic shapes can get away with low-cut tops, too. What are you waiting for? Go for it! You = dayummmmm, girl all summer.

Hourglass curves
If you've got an hourglass figure, head straight for the retro bikinis and cut-out swimsuits. Both will look fire on you. If you're buying high-waisted bottoms, avoid any frills and next-level detailing and go for plain patterns instead. They're TOTALLY more flattering.

Don't even think about a swimsuit, low-rise bikini bottoms are ~MADE~ for you. The low-slung cut makes your torso appear longer in some of the best witchcraft we've seen since Hogwarts. Gimme. If you're more fixated on lengthening your legs, channel Bella Hadid with high-as-hell bikini bottoms that sit above your hip one. So. Much. Sexy.

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