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11 things women with big boobs would like you to understand

Life's tough with DDs.

Things women with big boobs would like you to understand

#1. That bra that you, normal-titted person, wear for CrossFit/marathon running/extreme aerobics? Yeah, we wear that for yoga.

#2. The cup spectrum does not end at D. Not by a long shot.

#3. No, we can't "just go bra-less." No.

#4. Big-boobed bras are available almost exclusively in three colours: white, black and beige. Enjoy your neon, lacy, pretty bras, ye with basic mammaries.

#5. Boob sweat is A Thing.

#6. Underwire is a necessary evil.

#7. Button-up shirts are not our friends. If those all-important third and fourth buttons are straining to break free, please do us a favour and avert your eyes. Thank you.

#8. String bikinis are like that second bottle of wine on a school night. Good in theory, entirely ridiculous in practise.

#9. Yes, we would love to be your bridesmaid. No, we cannot wear anything strapless.

#10. Those singlets with "built-in bras"? Haha. Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha.

#11. Hugging someone shorter than us has the potential to be vaguely pornographic. We apologise. It's not our fault.