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Who is Iskra Lawrence? And why should you be obsessed with her

Get to know the gal.

By Katie Stow

Iskra Lawrence: You may not know her name, but you've definitely seen her in a harmless scroll through Instagram. Pegged as the next big thing in modelling, this 27-year-old is working around the clock both professionally and in her personal life, constantly encouraging every single woman to love themselves by sharing body positive messages and self-love snaps.

Get to know this babin' lady with this little dive into Iskra and her world of making other people feel DAMN good about themselves.

Where is Iskra from?

Iskra is from Worcester in the UK. Iskra's mum is actually from Northern Ireland and her dad is from England.

Where does the name Iskra come from?

Iskra literally translates into 'Spark' in Russian, and was heavily used to describe the Russian revolution—with the first communist newspaper called 'Iskra'. Iskra's parents said that their daughter was the "spark of their lives," taking them from being a couple to being a proper family.

How old is Iskra?

Iskra was born on September 11, 1990, making her 27 years old.

How tall is Iskra?

Iskra is 1.75 metres tall — which is quite short for a professional model, as most models start at 1.8 metres tall.

How is Iskra a body positive advocate?

With one scroll through her Instagram, you'll see that Iskra is forever spouting body positive statements — encouraging women to love themselves and their bodies, whatever size they may be. She often showcases her cellulite and her curves freely on Instagram and is firmly against the photoshopping of 'imperfections' — meaning the professional campaigns she's in are brilliantly real. WIN.

Iskra was also the managing editor of Runway Riot, a website dedicated to celebrating women of all shapes and sizes. She really is a champion of body positivity and we are HERE FOR IT.

Weird facts about Iskra:

Iskra once admitted in a video for Runway Riot that she has webbed feet. "Not crazy webbed. I don't look like I have duck feet , but they are webbed and it kind of makes sense because I was a national swimmer, so they probably helped!"

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