10 cringe AF '90s/'00s fashion phases every girl went through

It was a TIME, okay?

By Natasha Harding
90s 00s fashion

If you've ever revisited your old MySpace page or flicked through your primary school photo album, you know that the '90s and '00s were an interesting time to grow up. Extensive CD collections and late night MSN Messenger chats aside, the fashion was one of the most, well, memorable parts. Low-rise jeans were all the rage, Von Dutch bags were the ~ultimate~ status symbol and pink ugg boots were a socially acceptable shoe to run around town in. Fast forward 10 to 20 years and we have absolutely NFI how we ever thought any of the above looked good. But we defintiely did. Here are 10 of the most WTF, cringe-worthy fashion phases we almost all went through, ranging from the ~misunderstood~ emo years to Paris Hilton's heyday.