Not a drill: Adult mood rings are officially a thing that exists

Current mood: Nostalgic AF.

By Natasha Harding
Mood rings

If we had to list the three things we missed most from the ’90s it would be, in descending order:

1) The Spice Girls, obvs.

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And 3) Mood rings

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Well, good news! One of your childhood highlights is making a comeback, and boy, the 2010’s version is wayyyyy better than the OG.

Ready yourselves ‘cause your emotionally intelligent bling (which repeatedly indicated you were happy, sad and confused all at the same time) is back thanks to a jewellery brand called Moon Lit, discovered by Fashion Journal.

This time, they’re in adult form.

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That’s right, we’re talking pretty, dainty designs with ~QuAliTy~ yellow, white and rose gold bands (meaning there will be no manky green finger marks in sight).

So, apart from serving a necessary purpose in day-to-day life, all while looking pretty as hell, the only question left to answer is how much they cost?

Given they’re made of real gold, you probs already knew they were gonna be a little exxier than your $4 Tree of Life version. And you’d be right, ‘cause these swanky upgrades cost $285.

Now, we don’t know about you but we can totally justify having 2 minute noodles for a week to spoil our inner ‘90s kid ‘cause #priorities.