Calls for Amazon to ban this offensive pro-ana hoodie

So effed up.

Online retail giant Amazon has found itself in some very hot water in the UK after shoppers noticed the site was slinging this ridiculously offensive hoodie that seems to be making fun of eating disorders.

The sweatshirt's makers, AruturoButch—who, FYI, also try and flog 'Bros before Hoes' t-shirts in TEN different colours (WTF?!)—obviously think Bulimia Nervosa and Anorexia Nervosa are some kind of joke. To be clear they aren't; here in Australia bulimia and anorexia are the the 8th and 10th leading causes, respectively, of burden of disease and injury in females aged 15 to 24 in Australia, reports the National Eating Disorders Collaboration.

The slogan hoodie that reads, "Anorexia: Like bulimia, except with self-control," are selling for $25.66 - $30 USD (depending on size). Needless to say, what we suspect is the official uniform of trolls IRL isn't getting to much love online from Amazon customers who've clocked the merch and raged in the site's comments section.

One shopper wrote: "This is beyond disgusting. Having struggled with my daughter’s eating disorder for years, this fills me with horror. You are appalling for trying to make money from this."

Another added: "Why would anybody think it's ok to design this, much less produce it, much less sell it??? Extremely disappointed in Amazon."

Meanwhile another customer, who gave the hoodie 5/5 stars, didn't seem too phased by the design and wrote, "It’s not that serious, move on."

Pundits on Twitter have alleged this is not Amazon's first faux pas when it comes to selling insensitive clothing, and many insisted the company clean up its online offerings.

Psychotherapist Dr. Susie Orbach appeared on the BBC on Tuesday and said the hoodie could "make people feel really awful" when they're "already anguished enough."

Amazon have yet to respond to the controversy.