This is the one outfit Ashley Graham thinks all curvy gals should own

And it's comfy AF.

By Natasha Harding
Ashley Graham

Finding the right style for your body shape is something most girls spend their whole lives doing, but 29-year-old Ashley Graham claims to have already found the perfect outfit for her bod.

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And, rather than keeping this fashion trick to herself, she’s decided to help a sister out and share this little nugget of knowledge with fellow curvy gals. Not surprisingly, we’re taking notes.

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In an interview with People Now, the ever ~trendy~ model reveals that her magical outfit consists of three items:

1. Skinny black jeans (AKA, every girl’s hero piece)

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2. An oversized white tee – ideally one that’s fitted at the waist

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3. Aaaand a badass black moto jacket

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The result?

An outfit you can wear to the shops, out for dinner, to a house party and even on a first date:

Now, if you’re planning to hit up the shops RN to re-stock your wardrobe with these three pieces, you’re not alone.

The only thing to remember when you’re standing there in the change room trying on those new skinny jeans is:

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Solid advice. Thanks Ash.