The internet is CONVINCED Ash Graham’s bum is Photoshopped in her newest mag shoot

And they’re pissed (obvs).

By Natasha Harding
Ashley Graham

Model and curvy style star Ashley Graham is the body positivity babe we’ve always needed in our lives. Her DGAF attitude, incred bod and genius wardrobe hacks for gals with big boobs are total ~gamechangers~ . But most of all, we love how real she is, posing pictures of her cellulite on Instagram to remind people to love their bodies. So when brands decide to go and Photoshop her bod to look different, we get seriously pissed.

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Just last year Vogue landed in hot water for putting Ash on the cover alongside a bunch of other models, with some questionable read ‘editorial decisions’ and image-alterations.

Now Sports Illustrated are copping shit for appearing to do the exact same thing.

The body part in question? Her bum.

Ash is known for having (and embracing) her bootylicious tush but, given her derriere looks particularly ‘flat’ in this pic, the Internet is convinced they’ve gone and Photoshopped it.

Naturally, they’re not happy Jan, and expressed their thoughts in the comment section:

The fact Ash then shared the pic on her Instagram made others wonder what the hell is going on?

Since our gal's all about body confidence and being 'real', we're hoping there's more to this pic than meets the eye.