ASOS’s new lingerie offering is so odd it has to be seen to be believed

Literal ‘pussybow’, anyone?

By Natasha Harding

If you consider yourself semi-experimental in the lingerie department then get ready to feel like a total rookie when you see one of the newest designs ASOS is offering. Garters and nipple tassles ain’t got nothing on this one.

BlueBella’s ‘Unwrap Me Body Bow’ sounds kinky but just wait until you see the pics...

While the piece is hella revealing (which TBF is kinda the whole point of lingerie), the single satin sash looks like the offspring of Borat’s Mankini and what you’d end up with if you were tasked with making a toga party costume out of a mere two metres of toilet roll.

Basically, weeeeeeird.

Apart from all the logistical questions, such as ‘how do you actually put the bow on?’, ‘do you have to re-make the bow yourself every time you wear it or do you just climb into the pre-prepared bow?’ the other thing we can’t quite understand is why they’re charging $35 for, what is arguably, just a silky ribbon.

If the makers are reppin’ the whole ‘less is more’ mantra then why is it exxier than the standard bra & undies combo from Cotton On Body? Also, which colour op would you go for: ivory, red or black? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.

In a search for guidance, we sussed out how the Body Bow was being received on Twitter, but it seems there’s no more insight there either.

Basically we're not sure we'd be feeling very wrapped if our bae bought us this for Valentine's Day, no matter how ironic.

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