ASOS’s ‘dripping blood’ Halloween choker actually looks like semen


By Natasha Harding

With Halloween less than a month away we’ve already seen our fair share of WTF costumes, including everything from the daring dickhead and vagina masks to that kontroverial Kim Kardashian inspired robbery heist outfit. Now it’s ASOS’s turn to contribute to the madness with their latest Halloween accessory and they certainly delivered – intentionally or not.

The ‘dripping blood’ choker was probs designed to give a nod to the 90s nostalgia we’re having at the moment but that is definitely not what you think when you look at it…

There’s no beating around the bush - this necklace just looks like dripping cum. Soz.

We’re blaming the unfortunate resemblance on the colour choice. While the white material apparently glows in the dark, they really should have just gone classic blood red 'cause there's nothing cool about glowing sperm.

If you’re still keen on the kinky choker, ASOS advises avoiding contact with liquids when wearing it – ironic eh?

While this might be one of those unfortunate coincidences, we can’t help thinking some genius in the ASOS design department is pissing themselves RN as they watch the world burn.

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What a bloody legend.