So Bella Hadid’s topless Vogue shoot is frekkin’ incredible

Ain’t nobody looking at the clothes, yo.

By Natasha Harding

Looks like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid aren’t the only gal pals to land a Vogue cover recently with Gi’s sister, Bella, starring on the cover of Paris’ edition and we can’t even deal.

Standing alongside Victoria’s Secret model, Taylor Hill, the two babes have been hailed as the Queens of ‘Generation Instagirls’ and, while we could spend a helluva long time fangirling over the cover itself, the photoshoot inside is even better. Why? ‘Cause Bella goes topless like it’s NBD all in the name of ‘freeing the nipple’.

Bells took to Insta to share her excitement over the shoot, using tactfully placed flowers to cover her bits 'cause Insta ain't down with the free nip sitch (yet).

And here are the flower-free versions that you really wanna see.

DAYUM girl! Let's be honest, nobody is looking at that patent leather looking short thing she's got hanging around her hips.

In fact, they decided there was no point even bothering with clothes and just went for Bella butt-nekkid because Bella.

The shoot comes just months after Gi went clothes-free on the cover of Paris Vogue (and also looked incred).

So, in short, fab nudes and Vogue covers go hand-in-hand with the Hadid gene pool and we want IN.

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