Wow, Blake Lively may have just sold me on this whole tuxedo dress thing

But that's just one aspect of this incredibly hot outfit.

By Rachel Torgerson

Last night, Blake Lively showed up to a Lionsgate presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas and made a very strong case for the tuxedo dress. Please, see for yourself:

Let's scroll down this look, shall we? At the top of the outfit, Blake (who is not just hot, but funny as hell) wore a very colorful bowtie, which was quite eye-catching, and a classic white button-down. Over all of that was the tux dress, which was navy blue with satin lapels. Then, about a mile down from there (because those legs are killer), Blake rounded out the whole ensemble with a pair of rainbow paint-splattered heels.

Now that we've gone through the whole outfit, let's see another angle:

I have to admit, the tie really threw me off here — the orange and green was a little unexpected. But maybe it's growing on me now? IDK!! Either way, there's no denying she looks generally sexy/radiant/amazing/gorgeous in this dress.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US