Breast cancer survivors walk the runway topless at empowering NYFW show

Showcasing their scars for a good cause.

By Rachel Torgerson
breast cancer show nyfw

Sixteen women of all ages and sizes hit the catwalk for an emotionally charged Art Hearts Fashion show on Sunday during New York Fashion Week. Each of the ladies walked the runway in AnaOno loungewear and lingerie pieces — oh, and pretty much all of them whipped off their bras and strutted topless too.

These women, the youngest of whom is only 18 years old, are all cancer survivors with the mastectomy scars to prove it. The show was about these strong ladies (and breast cancer survivors everywhere, really) reclaiming their bodies and their confidence and giving a big middle finger to the disease, which, according to the Cancer Council Australia, effects one in eight women in Australia per year.

Proceeds from the show went to AnaOno's partner, Cancerland, a non-profit foundation close to creative director Dana Donofree's heart, as she's a breast cancer survivor herself. AnaOno has designed lingerie exclusively for those affected by breast cancer and chronic pain — whether they've removed their breasts completely or elected to have reconstructive surgery — since 2014.

Via: Cosmopolitan US