Cardi B just wore the most cooked sunglasses and she can't stop cackling


By Katie Stow

Cardi B has become our unofficial icon of 2018. She's had a baby while still dominating the rap charts, she's become best friends with the Kardashians and Nikki Minaj threw a goddamn shoe at her head. Which, weirdly, means she's kind of winning at life?

Cardi B is now hitting up Milan Fashion Week — because despite being a Fashion Nova rep, she's been welcomed with open arms into the couture crowd.

The rapper decided to wear head-to-toe Dolce & Gabbana to attend the D&G runway show, and DEAR GOD did she look amazing. Not only head-to-toe D&G, but head-to-toe lepord print too — 'cos Cardi.

But the one item we are still shooketh by is her rather cooked glasses. The rapper wore fluffy-rimmed specs, that look more like handcuffs than sunnies, and she had shared some Cardi-esque reviews of them on her Instagram.

"Biiiiitch get into these motherfucking glasses. They got my face super warm. Winter certified! Dolce & Gabbana want all my schmoney," she said.

The rapper didn't take them off all night, keeping them on even when she was sat next to Liam Payne, declaring, "All we did was talk about our babies".

Honestly, Cardi in face-warming fluffy glasses was just what we needed to get through today.