All the times celebs were dragged for cultural appropriation

Some people never learn...

By Natasha Harding
Cultural appropriation

No matter how many angry Twitter backlashes take place, some people just don't seem to get why ripping off others cultures for commercial gain (or 'just cos') is offensive.

Here are all the times celebrities forgot the difference between cultural appreciation and cultural appropriation.

When Beyoncé dressed as a Bollywood actress:

The list kicks off with Beyoncé and Coldplay's 'Hymn for the Weekend' controversial music video.

Based in India, fans were NOT happy when they saw Bey dressed up as a Bollywood actress.

And the singer copped a whole HEAP of flack online for being downright offensive.

And we can totally understand where the people are coming from.

The time Miley Cyrus put Indian Bindis on her face:

While Miley may have been celebrating Pride Week, we still have NFI why she thought it was okay to go ahead and decorate her face with the culturally significant Indian Bindi.

“Still stealing other people’s cultures I guess,” one commenter wrote, while another called her the “queen of appropriating culture.”


The time Lady Gaga tried to make the Niqab sexy...

Walking in Philip Treacy’s London fashion show back in 2013. Gaga managed to offend an entire religion by wearing this:

Naturally, Twitter had some thoughts on the matter:

And Rihanna did pretty much the same thing:

Rihanna went on an Instagram spree outside a mosque in Abu Fhabi back in 2013, posing in ~sultry~ poses while wearing a niqab, captioning her images with comments such as 'Bitch stole my look'.

Rihanna was then removed from the 'forbidden grounds' for being disrespectful of the faith. Yep, not cool RiRi.

When Khloé Kardashian and Scott Disick wore hella distasteful Halloween costumes:

Dressing up as a cat and two Sheiks, Koko captioned her 'gram, 'Sheik Pussy'...

And Twitter kicked RIGHT off.

Or when Khlo thought it would be 'cool' to wear Bantu knots:

And Kylie Jenner donned cornrows:

Amandla Stenberg was so outraged by the pic she commented, “When u appropriate black features and culture but fail to use ur position of power to help black Americans by directing attention towards ur wigs instead of police brutality or racism #whitegirlsdoitbetter”.

Of course, we can't forget the time Taylor Swift went and parodied black culture:

For her 2014 smash his 'Shake It Off', Taylor Swift adopted a whole heap of personas, but one in particular rubbed people up the wrong way.

You guessed it, it was when she dressed like this:

And twerked - Ugh. It's a 'no' from us.

The time Selena Gomez's costume totally ripped off Indian culture:

For her 2013 performance of 'Come and Get it' on Dancing with the Stars Selena Gomez did this routine:

And you already know why this is sooooo NOT okay.

Plus, this is what she wore:

Enter: Katy Perry (who apparently has no frekkin' idea).

The time Katy Perry dressed up as a Geisha:

KP is a repeat offender for getting it wrong in the cultural appropriation department, for shit like this offensive geisha costume during her 2013 American Music Awards performance.

How about when she repped cornrows for shits and gigs?

Then, for the singer's 'This is How We Do' music video, she wore a painfully distasteful outfit.

Here's a screengrab:

And offended EVERYONE in the process.

And let's not forget the time she described her 'mood' as a Hindu goddess:

Perry shared this picture of ‘Ma Kali’, the Hindu goddess of destruction, on Instagram with the caption ‘current mood’…

And people called her out AGAIN:

Leading people to conclude that her whole tour was effectively 'cancelled'.

When Gwen Stefani jumped on Harajuku culture:

KP wasn't the first to try this crap, with Gwen Stefani using those famous Harajuku Girls throughout her muso career, in videos like 'Rich Girl':

The pic says it all really:

John Mayer, you're no better:

For Mayer's 'Still Feel Like Your Man' muso video, he too appropriated Japanese culture, claiming he made up a new genre called 'ancient Japanese R&B'.

And the pics are equally insulting.

When Lucy Hale wore braids and thought nothing of it:

Lucy was slammed online after sharing a pic of her wearing this popular African American hairstyle with the caption 'The time my baby hairs came to good use at a shoot'.

Cue: Twitter.

Last but not least, Vanessa Hudgens. When she made almost the exact same mistake as Lucy:

Vanessa came under fire for sharing this Snapchat of her wearing box braids, a style predominantly worn by black women.

With people then drawing attention to all the other times she'd appropriated other cultures all in the name of 'fashion'.

And when she went that extra mile with a Native American headpiece at Coachella:

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Moral of the story? Think before you wear.