Finally! This pasta jewellery lets you rep your favourite carb

And it’s making us hungry…

pasta jewellery

We can all recall a time when we made macaroni accessories as a youngin to gift to our mums. Well, now there’s a much chicer alternative to those kindergarten-approved pasta necklaces, that you can gift to your mum as an adult – without feeling embarrassed.

Jewellery brand Delicacies has pared with pasta brand Barilla to release a line called ‘Al Dente’, which features a range of fine necklaces, each with a sterling silver charm that almost exactly replicates a different type of pasta. Who would say no to a Farfalle necklace?!

It’s super pretty, yes, but the idea behind this pasta-inspired jewellery line goes beyond being able wearing your favourite food in its gilded form. Because of its history, which dates back thousands of years, and it’s appearance in many different cultures over time, Delicacies sees pasta as a “cross-cultural phenomenon, and something which “embodies the bond of human history and commonality”. So, in other words, pasta = peace.

Delicacies get that some people relate to food more than others, so each pasta necklace listed also comes detailed with its own personality trait. Who knew penne rigate pasta was associated with passion, focus, and creativity? Pasta, you smart.

And not only will you look good after buying one of these necklaces, you will also be doing good. Each purchase made from the line will help provides 30 meals to help feed the hungry. Pasta and charity: it couldn’t get any better than that.

You can buy the sterling silver 'Farfalle' and 'Rotini' necklaces, as well as the rest of the 'Al Dente' collection at Delicacies Jewellery