Stop EVERYTHING: Disney Princess formal dresses now exist

And suddenly deciding what to wear is as easy as bippity boppity boo.

By Natasha Harding
Disney Princess Formal Dresses

Finding the perfect formal dress is a total mission. Apart from having to stick to a puny budget, and often a shitty theme, locating a dress that ticks these boxes but also has that jaw-dropping quality ain't easy. They're either too expenny, hella ~revealing~ or utterly boring.

Basically, you just wanna feel like a goddamn princess without spending a gazillion bucks, right?

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Well it seems those prayers have been answered Fairy Godmother-style as Disney's just teamed up with fashion brand Unique Vintage to create a range of dresses inspired by your favourite Disney Princesses.

Titled the 'Happiest Collection on Earth', the collection has designs dedicated to Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Ariel and Tiana. Plus, with options for every price point, shopping for your formal dress just got a whole lot easier.