These double denim pants are too much fashion

Go home fashion, you're drunk.

By Grace O'Neill
Double Denim Fashion Trend

Hands up if you thought the dark days of double denim were far behind us? Yup, me too. Sure, on the odd occasion the Gigis and Kendalls of the world make a semi-convincing case for the fashion faux pas, but the real truth is double denim began and died at the 1998 VMAs:


Regardless, the street style crowd are determined to make double denim happen again and they've come up with a terrifying way to do it. Read: Wearing short denim trousers over slightly longer denim trousers (also known as jeans).

The general response to this trend is simple: No.

Don't get me wrong. I've worn my fair share of unforgivable outfits in the name of fashion (Bell bottom flares! Neon! That khaki full-length jumpsuit that looks like a mechanic's uniform that's still hanging in my wardrobe!) But come on.

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You can even, if you feel so inclined, buy these denim monstrosity for yourself. They're a bargain at a mere $474.

But we strongly suggest you don't.