Elle Ferguson's story of meeting Kim Kardashian is epic and so normal at the same time

Elle is on the cover of Cosmo’s January 2018 issue!

By Jessica Chandra
Elle Ferguson Cosmopolitan Magazine January 2018 Issue

As one of Australia's OG bloggers and fashion influencers, Elle Ferguson is basically a household (or screen?) name for anyone who has Instagram.

She's easily recognisable, thanks to her to-die-for wavy hair and personal style that proves you can get away with wearing denim shorts to everything — well, maybe if you have Elle's impossibly long legs!

Elle is also proof that if you seize the right opportunity, you can grow from #humble blog beginnings — Elle started blogging with her friend, Tash Sefton, for They All Hate Us — and become a personal brand that catches the attention of something like Kim Kardashian. You know, no big deal. And she's also just launched her own tanning line, Elle Effect, which is major.

This is how Elle has amassed a following of over 629K on Instagram, and why she won Cosmo's Social Media Star of the Year (Fashion) Award at our 2017 Cosmopolitan Women of the Year Awards last month. It made perfect sense for us to kick off 2018 by featuring Elle on the cover of our January issue.

Here's a preview of her interview and photo shoot — be sure to read our full chat with Elle, and see all the stunning photos, in the January issue of Cosmo, on sale now.

On what it meant to win Cosmo's Women of the Year Social Media Star of the Year (Fashion) Award: "Throughout my life I've been surrounded by strong, fearless, stylish women. To be named by Cosmopolitan as a Woman of the Year for being 100 per cent me makes me so incredibly honoured and grateful."

On what blogging in Australia is really like: "I've spent a lot of time in the US lately and I noticed they really support each other — the pie is big enough for everyone to have a piece. In Australia, sometimes it feels like we're all going for the same thing and it can get a bit nasty, but really, we should be supporting each other. Everyone has their unique handwriting; there's no other Elle Ferguson out there."


On what it was like to meet Kim Kardashian, and go to her house: "Do you know what's random about that? A week before, I was sitting at home with my boyfriend, watching the Kardashians, and I said to him the greatest gift in life would be for me to meet Kim. And then the following Tuesday, Kim's team reached out to me and invited me to her beauty launch. I was at her house, barefoot in the kitchen getting something out of her fridge with her standing next to me!"

On her advice for anyone dealing with online bullies: "Take the high road. Go buy a lipstick, put it on and feel fabulous. Put on your theme song. Do you know how many times I've walked down the street with 'You're the Voice' by John Farnham blaring in my ears? That was my theme song for a while. It really got me through some things."