How to shop Eva Mendes' sexy date night style, so you can nab your own Ryan Gosling

It’s surprisingly affordable.

By Ana Zupanoska

Ah, good ol' date nights. If you're in a relationship, you often contemplate whether you should dress up and remind your significant other that you're actually hot if you put in some effort. On the other hand, if you're a single gal meeting your Tinder match for the first time, you can change your outfit 10 times before you walk out the door and still feel self-conscious.

Point is, it's stressful! But it shouldn't have to be. Fortunately for us, Eva Mendes recently shared her tried-and-tested formula for nailing date-night dressing.

The actress-turned-designer revealed to Hello Giggles that her idea of a perfect outfit for date-night with her beau is a double denim ensemble! "I'm really into the double denim. I'd go with the denim skirt with a flare and the denim top" she said.

Sounds like a no brainer, really – it's comfortable, chic and relatively cheap! When it comes to double denim, it's the trend that's so wrong, its right. Plus you can literally buy Eva's whole outfit online for just under $210.

Hey, if Gosling is happy spending time with his girl in something hella casual then surely our lovers would rate it too, right?


Borrow some inspo from Eva and shop our favourite denim options below.