Fanta have released their own clothing line and you can now drink directly from your jacket

Orange is the new black, right?

We love ~extra~ fashion just as much as we love snacking — so when those two worlds cross over, we seriously lose our shit. Our fave bright orange drink, Fanta, has just launched its own official fashion line, and this insanity really has to be seen to be believed…

The collection includes orange pants in various fabrics — think velour and popper button trims—and is modelled by some dashing ginger folks, to really amp up the orange experience.

But the standout item is, of course, is the FANTA PANTS see-through jacket with build in straws, so you can sip up ya drink without even getting your hands involved. Genius? Too bloody right.

To view the full collection — which also includes an insulated can holder bum-bag, obvs — scroll through these insanely ridic pics and get ready to live your best bubbly, bright orange life.

Alternatively, if you are ready to commit to adding these pieces to your wardrobe, hit up the FANTA Facebook page to have the chance to win all this farshun.