Fashion bloggers respond to Vogue editors’ shade in the BEST way possible

“The bottom line here is that if you weren't threatened you wouldn't care at all.”

By Natasha Harding

With all the ~dramah ~ that went down earlier this week following’s editors hurling some serious shade at fashion bloggers, calling them ‘pathetic’, ‘desperate’ and ‘ridiculous’, it was only a matter of time before the slighted hit back with their response.

Welp, that time has now come and the bloggers’ reactions are giving us LIFE.

First up is Shea Marie, from peacelovesshea, who took to Instagram to call out said editors for being out-dated, catty, hypocrites. Yep, she's not holding back - here are some of the highlights:

“Dear a certain few editors- The only thing that is ‘pathetic’ here is this jealous, catty and hypocritical article you've just published. You are exactly the type of people that have given the fashion world the cold, unwelcoming and ruthless reputation it has had in the past,” Shea writes.

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“Thankfully those times are changing. I'm sorry if you can't accept that what a ‘public figure’ wears on the street is undoubtedly more influential than your post-fashion week column. That the fashion world isn't controlled by you alone anymore.”

Shea goes on to say that she’s not here for the hate, and is more disappointed in the editors than anything else. “I respect you all deeply and the hard work you put into the industry. I look up to you. Which is why I feel so taken aback now at how tasteless and classless the words are that you chose. I would think an institution such as Vogue would respect young entrepreneurs instead of belittling them.”

She finished by setting the record straight. “As for your ‘get a real career’ comment- I'm not sure exactly who you're referring to; surely not me or someone like me. I built and design my own successful line, I style and creative consult for countless brands, and am invested in numerous other successful businesses behind the scenes. I grew up in a small town and came from nothing- I'd call that pretty impressive and admirable.”

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“I take pride in giving hope to young women around the world that they too can build something from nothing. I think I speak for ‘us’ all when I say the bottom line here is that if you weren't threatened you wouldn't care at all.”

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But Shea didn’t stop there, no sir. The blogger then took to Twitter to point out the irony of the whole damn thin by sharing Vogue’s most-liked Instagram picture EVER. Turns out the mag’s top-ranking post actually featured Shea herself and a friend werking their so called ‘pathetic’ streetstyle looks.


Susie Lau (AKA Susie Bubble also had some thoughts on the matter and wrote an on-point Twitter rant.

Caroline Vreeland (great granddaughter of Diana Vreeland, former editor in chief of Vogue US) also got in on the action, issuing an equally-eloquent response against the editors’ comments.

“If certain people on your team hate bloggers & influencers so much, I'm just curious why you put them on your international covers to increase sales?,” Vreeland writes. “I'm not a blogger but I find your recent statements old fashioned and just plain rude. Most of the bloggers I know are hard working young entrepreneurs.”

Vreeland highlights that women should be empowering each other, not puling one another down, “I find it shameful that an institution such as Vogue would demean and belittle these young people who are building their own paths, especially since they are mostly young women, calling them ‘pathetic’ and comparing them to strippers. This certainly isn't the Vogue voice my great-grandmother once stood for.”

She finished off by adding, “I say live and let live! I think all chic women, Italian and otherwise, would agree. Xoxo, the girl who wore a full body fishnet at 9am."


And with that, balance was restored in the fashion world.

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