Gigi Hadid's glittery-fluffy Louboutins are every modern day princess' DREAM SHOE

Her Baby Spice platforms will also give you next-level nostalgia.

By Natasha Harding
Gigi Hadid

ICYMI - New York Fashion Week is happening RN and all the biggest celebrities are swanning around the Big Apple for a whole lotta far-shun. But rather than drooling over the runway shows or pretty street style, we're currently FROTHING over Gigi Hadid's off-duty shoe-drobe. Why? 'Cos it's flippin' incred.

Between princess-worthy mules covered in glitter and hot pink fluff and her Baby Spice white flatforms, it's safe to say this gurl's on fi-ya.

Here's proof that Gigi's feet are the real stars of fashion month so far: