Every time Hailey Baldwin wore a wedding dress before getting married to the Biebs

Was she dropping hints this whole time?

By Katie Stow

ICYMI old mate Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber just (rather shockingly) got engaged. Rumours were swirling but then the Biebs came out and confirmed the goss by posting a gushy AF post about his bride-to-be on Instagram.

We may still be rather shook from the news, but after having a stalk of Hailey Baldwin's previous red carpet appearances, it seems that we should have seen these nuptials coming a mile off.

Why? Well, because all the woman does is wear wedding dresses!

Every Met Gala, premiere and fashion event, Hailey seems to always opt for a floor-length, feathered or sequined bright white gown—proving that she's been aisle-ready for yonks.

Don't believe us? Scroll these 28 pics to see that Hailz was born ready for her big day.