You can FINALLY get your overdue Hogwarts acceptance letter, in the form of a sick purse

‘Cause yours obvs got lost in the mail.

By Natasha Harding
Harry Potter

ATTN: All Potterheads

If you’ve been waiting your entire muggle life to receive a precious Hogwarts acceptance letter, today is your lucky day.

That’s right, you can now FINALLY have that letter in your life.

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Die-hard fan brand, Think Geek, has gone and conjured up the most splendiferous invention: a purse designed to look exactly like your elusive acceptance letter.

The result? Flippin’ GLORIOUS.

To refresh your memory, here’s Hazza's:

Aaaaaand here’s yours:

Of course, the back and inside are equally ~magical~:


Now, before you go and buy yourself a ticket to Platform 9 ¾, we need to make one thing clear: this purse does not necessarily guarantee you entry to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it should do the trick if you come into contact with any sketchy Filch characters.

Sooooo, how much does it cost? Welp, that’s the best bit. For the humble price of $40 (approx.), you can re-live your wildest dream every time you whip out your purse. Oh, and they also ship to Oz, so #winning. Nab yours here.

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