Hot felon, Jeremy Meeks, makes his (shirtless) runway return, looks like sex on legs

Our bodies are ready.

By Natasha Harding
Jeremy Meeks

It's been three years since Jeremy Meeks and his smokin’ hot mugshot went viral and the chiseled crim is well on his way to world domination.

With over 1 million Instagram followers, a budding modelling career, and a bff in Nikki Minaj, ‘Hot Felon’ ain’t going anywhere soon. Which is totes fine by us FYI.

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The latest career development? His (shirtless) return to the runway.

That’s right, the Internet’s favourite crim walked in Phillip Plein’s men’s fashion week show in Milan over the weekend, just four months after his catwalk debut at the designer's New York fashion week show in February.

Heads up: the pics are everything you dreamed of and more...

After werking ripped jeans and a few chainz like only a bad boi can, Jez then took his top off and holy hell he's amaze.

Which has us like:

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There's also this sneaky snap of him waiting around backstage and now we all have lady boners.

Dat body tho.

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