This Ashley Graham-approved bikini hack will stop halter-top from f*cking up your neck

One word: GENIUS.

By Natasha Harding
How to alter swimsuit straps

As amazing as having big boobs is, we’ll be the first to admit there are also some unique struggles that come with the larger busted terrain. Case in point: Halter-neck tops.

Now fellow curvy gal, Ashley Graham, ~Kween of Big Bust Fashion Hacks ~, has dished out some invaluable advice on how to alter swimsuit straps of the halter-neck variety to prevent that painful AF neck-dig sitch.

Ash shared a link to another body positivity activist, Allison Kimmey, who made a video about overcoming this exact problem.

The trick? Tying the neck strings to the horizontal strap across the back, creating a criss-cross formation, which evenly distributes the pressure across your shoulders, rather than 100% on the neck, stopping the ‘digging’ thing.

Here's the viral how-to clip, which has already gained over 60,000 views from gals around the world:

Us RN:

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Here’s Ash reppin’ the sneaky trick IRL, proving the hack is also wearable AF:

Thank you internet, today we learnt something.