PSA: You can still buy Victoria's Secret swimmers and here's how


By Natasha Harding

2016 was a year defined by a whole heap of shit news. But there’s only one relic of last year that continues to haunt us every time we visit the beach: the fact Victoria’s Secret announced they would stop selling swimwear in 2017 - which has us like,

Well, in a miraculous turn of events, it seems that specific piece of devastating news is not actually 100 percent true...

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If you jump on to the Victoria’s Secret website you can see there are brand-spanking new bikini and swimsuit lines being launched.

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The only difference is that they're just part of the brand’s PINK label - which is nbd AT ALL.

To make up for lost time, here’s our pic of the two hottest swimmers from the new line:

Wrap Triangle Top in Dazzle.

Aaaaaand the High Leg One Piece in Pure Black Hibiscus Graphic.

If your bank account wasn't trembling with fear before, it is now.