How to find the perfect pair of jeans when you’re blessed with a booty


Ashley Graham

LBR: Shopping for jeans ain't always that fun.

Besides from bikini-shopping, squeezing your legs into a billion pairs of jeans in attempt to find that perfect pair can actually just be THE worst and cue: All your biggest body insecurities coming out to play in a badly-lit change room.

And for us fuller-figured females, whose booties are more Kimmy K than Kenny J, the struggle is just oh-so-more real.

Not all jeans are created equal – while brands have come a long way in improving fabric and fit, finding a pair to work that booty – without causing jeans to sag at the ankles/show-off your buttock cleavage/cause you a world of pain – is tricky.

Here, the bootylicious girl's guide to finding the ultimate pair of jeans:

If you have a bubble booty

It's all about finding jeans that work for you – and contrary to what you believe – that pair does exist.

If you've got a fuller-shaped butt, you'll want to start by trying on jeans made with a mid or high-rise fit. That doesn't mean you have to immediately head for the 'mom jeans'; high-rise styles simply have a higher behind, which, for bigger booties, will enhance and help to shape the butt. Plus, you'll feel more confident knowing you're not at risk of 'Plumber's Behind' (technical term).

Darker-coloured jeans tend to be more flattering than distressed or white denim and help to balance-out proportions. To highlight your butt (and why the heck shouldn't you?!), opt for jeans with larger pockets or pockets with detailing. If you're hoping to shift a little focus from the booty, flared jeans or jeans with over-sized silhouettes (e.g. boyfriend jeans), can help.

If you have a wide booty

A.k.a. when the widest part of your body is around your hips/waist area.

There's a common misconception that the only way to not make your bottom half look like a tent, is to opt for skinny-leg and tapered jeans. But good news: you're wrong.

Shop the right brands and a good pair of flares or boyfriend jeans can look just as sexy – added shape, embellishments or frayed detailing are another way to add balance and, you know, ~fashun~ to an otherwise plain look.

Try Taking Shape's Diamonds And Pearls Jeans, $129.95 for a comfy style that looks just as chic with sneakers as it does with heels.

If you have a low booty

There's nothing wrong with a booty that needs a little lift, and with the right jeans, you can really work your assets.

Start by looking for a comfortable fabric that doesn't have too much stretch. Jeans with one or two percent 2% elastane/lycra will ensure comfort without compromising structure. The jeans will give your booty a lift, while also contouring the rest of your legs. Taking Shape's The Stylist jeans, $119.95, are made with a breathable fabric (and with 2% elastane) that will help to sculpt your bod, minus having to suck-in. FINALLY.

Pocket placement can also help to boost the booty: if the pocket sits too low, it will become lost under the buttock, so make sure the bottom of the pocket is positioned higher, where it can be seen.

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