Topless Kate Upton gets swept off a rock while doing a sexy bikini shoot

Supermodel down!

By now Kate Upton is a Sports Illustrated veteran; she's posed in barely-there bikinis, in arctic temperatures and covered herself in nothing but body paint but her mission for the magazine's 2018 issue might have been her most dangerous one yet.

The 25-year-old model was wearing nothing but a skirt when she was nearly swept out to sea after being barreled over by a rogue wave during a SI photoshoot in Aruba.

The magazine posted footage of the wipeout on it's Instagram and wrote: "Whoops! Things got a little rocky on @kateupton's #SISwim 2018 shoot in Aruba! 👀 | @arubatourism@hiltonaruba #OneHappyIsland."

Despite risking life and limb to get the perfect shot, this year Kate -- who has graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2012, 2013 and 2017 -- didn't get the mag's cover; that honour went to 2017 rookie, Danielle Herrington.

Herrington, 24, is only the third black woman to nab the publication's cover -- her predecessors are Tyra Banks and Beyonce.

"That makes my heart drop because Tyra, Beyonce, they are superstars," Herrington told ET. "They are what you want to be. They are my idols and they mean so much to me because they have the best work ethic and I feel like ...sorry, I'm emotional. But that's a part of where I get my drive from."

"They set a really good example for my generation and I really want to set a good example like they did for the next generation," she added.