Katy Perry’s new shoe line is SO Katy Perry it’s not funny

It’s also hella affordable - score!

By Natasha Harding

Having already conquered the muso and beauty industry, Katy Perry is now the dark horse of the fashion world with the upcoming release of her very own shoe collection. And in true Katy Perry style, it's extravagant AF.

Available online from Autumn next year, KP's partnered with Global Brands to produce a range of statement sandals, sneakers, stilettos and pumps. Apart from adding a tonne of fun to your existing shoe-drobe, Katy's range also won't break the bank with prices starting from around $76 (US $59) and going up to just under $400 (US $299). Woop and yay!

Turns out that starting her own fashion line is something Katy's been researching for years.

"It's been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space," Katy told WWD, before adding that, "launching a footwear collection felt like a natural first step for me,"

Since none of us can wait until next Autumn to see the collab, Global Brands have decided to give us a sneak peek of the collection with these funky sketches and we're already excited...

There are shoes designed to look like race cars, because of course.

Shoes which are all about the fluff-factor.

And, of course, a pair of pumps dedicated to the star herself <33

Katy also hinted to WWD that the shoe range might be the start of something even bigger, but wouldn't say exactly what that meant 'cause she likes being ~MyStErIoUs~.

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