Kendall Jenner got her nips out in public, gave zero f**ks

#FreeTheNipple, indeed.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Kendall Jenner nipples

Kendall Jenner hit the streets of NYC this week with her model gal-pals, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin. And you would think that would be enough – seeing them altogether – to stop a person in their tracks, but it was what Kenny was bringing to the squad that really made heads turn. Wearing a lycra off-the-shoulder top, Kendall decided she needed to go sans bra if she really wanted to make this outfit work, and work it did! Because not only was she completely seam-free (win), she was also doing a bang-up job at baring her boobies to all. Yep, the top, when stretched out over her body, became completely see-through, putting Kendall’s high beams in the headlights for everyone to enjoy. You can even see that dainty little nipple ring we’ve all come to know and love.

Proving she clearly gives zero f**ks about what everyone thinks, Kenny was literally everything we want to be when it came to ditching that uncomfortable, restricting underwire contraption. We’re so inspired by her attitude that we’re thinking of having a bra burning ceremony in the name of comfort, cuteness and straight up confidence, and living our best lives ~free-ballin’~ from this day on. Werk, gurl, werrrrrrk. RELATED: Watch Barbie get a Kendall Jenner-inspired makeover RELATED: Kylie's house vs. Kendall's apartment: an analysis RELATED VIDEO: Kendall Jenner loses her shit after she finds her first grey hair