The Kendall + Kylie collection is under fire for knocking off Chanel

Do you see the similarities?

By Matt Galea
The Kendall + Kylie collection is under fire for knocking off Chanel

The announcement of a new piece being introduced to the Kendall + Kylie collection seems to stir up one of two emotions from fans and fash lovers alike: ~major~ excitement or pure rage and unfortunately for the reality stars, their latest offering has caused the latter.

Our fave fashionista, Kendall Jenner took to Twitter to announce that she and her sis are adding a range of slides to their hit collection, available in black, white, brown, and tan, and have chains across the strap, valued at $125.

Fans were quick to notice the similarities between the Kendall + Kylie slides and a range of slides that were released by Chanel, valued at $995.

Naturally, the angered fans absolutely let the girls have it via Twitter!

Whether you love them or loathe them, you can’t deny that there is a striking resemblance between the shoes.

It should also be noted that being a high farshun model, Kendall is good friends with the designer for Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and has worked with him on brands like Fendi and has even walked in multiple Chanel runway shows.

We wonder what good ol’ Karl thinks about the slides.

Our guess: he won’t be too impressed!

Both Kendall and her beauty boss sister, Kylie are yet to comment on the matter to confirm or deny if they had any knowledge of the shoes that are being slammed by fans as ”fake Chanel.”

Girls, you've got some splainin' to do!