PSA: Kylie and Kendall Jenner are giving out their phone numbers and you can call them, kinda

Well, kinda.

By Natasha Harding
kendall kylie jenner

Remember that time when Rob Kardashian got so damn pissed with his fam over the whole Blac Chyna ~dramah~ that he decided to give out Kylie’s phone number on Twitter? LOL, same.

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Straight after the incident, Ky’s agents changed her number and all hopes of having a good ol’ catch up with Ky went with it. That is, until now.

As part of their new Kendall + Kylie collection, the Jenner sisters decided to include jumpers and tees with two different phone numbers scrawled across them, which got fans wondering… WHAT IF THEY’RE KEN AND KY’S DIRECT LINES?!

Unlikely? Sure. Worth a shot? DEFINITELY.

So we decided to give each of the numbers a call ('cause we're #dedicated like that) and report back on our findings.

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Here’s what happened:

When you call Ken’s line, you get a cute little voicemail message which says, “Hi, this is Kendall. Sorry I can’t get to the phone right now but I hope you have a lovely day and give me a call back whenever you want to hear my voice.”

So, um, basically all the time, amiright?

But when you call Kylie’s line you get a hint of how cheeky she is IRL. Ky’s voicemail starts off with a ‘Hello?’, which makes you think you might have actually got on to the gal herself.

Alas, then she continues, ‘Hey, it’s Kylie Jenner. Have a great day, thanks for calling!’. Le sigh.

As though that's not sad enough, before you hang up there’s a sassy AF automated message which tells you, ‘this mailbox cannot record messages- goodbye’.

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The silver lining? We can actually have Ken and Ky in our phone contacts and just hope that one day they might actually pick up.

If you want to give it a crack, remember to dial the ‘00111’ area code first, before entering the numbers.

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