Kim Kardashian wore an old Halloween costume for North’s birthday party

And we died of cuteness overload.

By Nikki Kinstlinger
Kim Kardashian mermaid party

You guys, this is all just too much. In case you missed it, it was North West’s birthday last week. Even though she promised her mum, Kim Kardashian West, she would never grow up, she turned the big 3. So OF COURSE, there was a party to celebrate because what would a Kardashian be without an excuse for a party, right? She was even generous enough to share her big day with her cousin Penelope Disick, making the whole shebang a combined birthday collab. The theme was mermaids. Because North and Penelope freaking love mermaids so damn much (can totes relate) and, well, what North says probably goes. Behold:

And whilst the trendy 3-year-old looked absolutely adorbs in her costume, complete with pink tail, it was what her mum, Kim did that really made us “awwwww” into oblivion.

Kim managed to dive deep into her wardrobe and dug up the treasure that was her 2012 Halloween costume. Unlike most mums who kind of just leave the dress-up part to the kids (maybe a festive hat so you don’t look like a Debbie-Downer), Kim went full pedal to the metal and rocked that costume party like it was 2012 all over again.

Kim wearing the costume back in 2012

Look at her face! She couldn’t be happier because she has the coolest mum evaaaaaaa! We love how she must have just kept the costume hiding away, you know, just in case an opportunity arose to wear it again.

Who knew so much love and happiness could come from a wee little outfit from the costume box, eh? (We’re talking about us now, not North.)