Where Is the Dragon In This Photo Because Kim Kardashian Looks Like a Goddamn Princess

Kim's most magical dress to date.

By Lauren Adhav

For the past couple of months, it seems like Kim Kardashian has only been wearing (kind of boring, there, I said it!) monochromatic athleisure ensembles or, you know, next to nothing at all. But on Thursday she took to Instagram to unveil an incredible and completely extra fashion moment that feels like an entirely new look for the reality star.

In the shot from a recent photoshoot, Kim's wearing a giant blush-colored dress with tiers (and tiers) of tulle and basically looking like a fairytale princess. Or a fashion-forward puffy cloud, you decide! But still, even with the ultra-feminine outfit, she couldn't ditch her on-trend tiny Matrix sunglasses.

The magical shoot is featured in ODDA Magazine's latest issue, for which Kim is one of its six cover stars. In the post on her Instagram, she revealed that she'll release more behind-the-scenes photos from the dreamy shoot on her app.

Still, though, her new princess-y vibe is a total déjà vu moment to this dress worn by Rihanna in October last year.

Here's hoping that giant, fluffy tulle dresses are the new fashion trend because doesn't everyone want to live out a glamorous princess moment? They can also be used to hide a lot of snacks... probably?

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan US